Education, Social Media and Africa

Education, Internet and Africa: where are they going to?

Some congresses for talking about Africa and education targeted in commercial recession, telling that it had curbed ambitions to such an extent the suggestions themselves were now being called into question from the point of view of both their number and variety and the conditions in which they were to be started.

For finding a resolution, it was told the question was raised whether or not the objectives were themselves pragmatic. Somebody thought that targets had not been properly set and the actions to be carried out, and incidentally, there were not any concerns. Is Digital Marketing one of them?

Large number of recommendations

When talking about undeveloped states, often there are sentences on the paper that then can’t be translated into reality. By example, it was asserted that implementing 18 recommendations covering all aspects of the education system at a point in time when resources were declining was not the best idea. Internet is, maybe, one of the basis for future development.

When member states in organizations talk about these matters, they're charged because of they might have discharged their responsibilities better if the offers regarding procedures and machinery for following up the fulfilment of the recommendations.

MINEDAF V: An example

The papers told that Business difficulties and social and political upheavals were regularly cited as the major causes of non-attainment of the targets set by MINEDAF V. In this situation, they argued that failing the provision of adequate financing and support by the international community, structural correction and the reform programme policy had necessarily hastened the fall in the environment of the vast majority of Africans, and such like it was recounted that the adjustment had had an extremely harmful effect on social development and had contributed to the adverse trends in education.

In this example, is internet marketing a tool for helping? Maybe implementation of policies for expand nets and web in these states can help in an online basis programme that will promote online learning.

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